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November 14, 2015

Manna from heaven

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I’ve been a developer using the Microsoft stack (C++ with MFC, C#) since 1998. I’ve never professionally used any other stack for a significant length of time. Don’t get me wrong, I want to. I *really* want to.

I’m not a Microsoft (or apple) fan, and the recent ASP.NET releases have helped to codify why.

We’re waiting for the next version of ASP.NET. It’s going to be the greatest version ever, it’s pretty much copying node.js in its architecture, we’re getting cross platform support, large parts are being open sourced and it’s going to be amazing.

Only it isn’t. I’ve been watching a colleague use the current beta of vnext. Basically, it includes bower and the gulp build chain which works fantastically well – neither of these are microsoft technologies. Everything else has been painful. Worst of all, SignalR has been removed from the betas and is now unavailable in the stack. It won’t be back for the main release either.

Apparently, Microsoft think that a fully fledged, top of the range webstack doesn’t have to include push services.

That’s bad enough, but it’s the reason that this is bad that really gets me. I realised all us C# developers are sitting here waiting for “manna from heaven”, for the goods to just fall out of the sky and we’ll lap them up whatever they are. We can’t credibly start a new project on the old version of ASP.NET, knowing that the new version is right around the corner and that it’s what everyone is going to use regardless of whether that’s the right thing or not, we’re just going to use it because it’s what we’re told we should use. It’s what works with C# and .Net, the framework we’re paid to develop with.

I’m comparing this with *everything else* that’s out there. There have been many languages and environments for making websites: php, python, ruby. They’ve all come about organically from people who’ve needed something and taken the effort to create it. Node.js is the most recent manifestation of this.

I *like* Node.js, although I was sceptical of it for a very long time. But it works. And the way it works is interesting. I’m not choosing any particular framework when I choose node. I can choose express, or sails, or hapi or any of the others. Or none, I can do it all raw if I want to.

The “next” version of node is exciting, but when things start going wrong or getting stale, someone forks it and brings it back up to speed. This happened. It now merged back into a proper platform. No “manna from heaven”, more “this isn’t working, let’s do it ourselves”.

If the next version of express isn’t any good, people will just move to another framework, or keep using the old one, someone will probably even keep maintaining an old version if people use it.

I can’t see any way that will suddenly become incompatible with the next version of express. We’re not going to lose major features like this. That said, it doesn’t matter, we could still use socks.js, or raw websockets if we wanted. There’s thousands out there.

No one is telling me I must use any particular framework. Choice is its own burden for sure, but I can choose frameworks that fit my style, attitude and the problem at hand. When any of those change, we can move frameworks without ditching the whole stack.

It’s the same with linux. When I use windows, I’m choosing one set of apps. When I choose OSX, I’m choosing another. When I choose linux – well, I’m choosing another set of apps for sure. But there’s a difference. You can’t *choose linux*, you choose *a* linux. I choose gentoo, because it works how I think. You might choose ubuntu because you like how it works.

That’s great, we’ve both chosen a system that looks and works the way we think computers should function. Notice what we haven’t chosen tho – we haven’t chosen a different set of apps. Pretty much everything that’s written for ubuntu will work on gentoo and vice versa (support may be sketchy, that’s another problem tho).

My point is tho, everywhere else in the industry, things aren’t given to us from on high. Things are developed that solve a particular problem, if they solve your problem, you’re free to choose them, or not. If you don’t you don’t have to switch out the entire stack.

I can carry on using my same linux apps if went to ubuntu. Or fedora, or mint. I can carry on using if I switch away from express – or use it on its own. I can carry on using express if I choose not use anymore.

I don’t know if I’m being clear here. I think my point is very subtle. But I know what I’m not liking. I’m not liking waiting for Microsoft to pour Manna from heaven on me, and knowing that I’ll be forced to eat it up, regardless of what I actually think of it, because I know that everyone else is going to be using it as well and the industry will demand it of me regardless. And Microsoft *will* make it “good enough”, for sure. I just wish I could choose the new ASP.NET. Or choose not to do the new ASP.NET.


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