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February 26, 2010

Commit Comments

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There’s been a few blog posts recently about commit comments.

James Lorenzen:

A followup from Kohsuke:

I know that comments can often be treated as one of those horrible tick box enforcements from on-high. However, I’ve eventually come around to a massive appreciation of them, and try to include as much detail as is sensible in my comments. For one thing, it confirms to me that I’ve made a specific change for a specific reason, and not just ‘done some stuff’.

Like eveyone else, I’m curious on how other people view commit comments? Are they unnecessary? (after all, we have diffs). Is just a bugId enough? Should they be short one liners or mini release notes?

Is there scope for bringing commit comments into other parts of the documentation, ie, on the bug reports, release notes, etc.

What, if any, resistance do have to writing a comment when it comes time to checkin?


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